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Who we are

Jewave is a dating website dedicated to all Jews who wish to get married.


We're here for you !


We match singles according to your personality to help you find your Mazal. Our goal here is to help you find your best friend for life.


We are a meeting platform, which will reveal your personality to us through a personality assessment based on a scientific algorithm. Your compatibility will then be analyzed and you will also be supported and advised by one of our professional matchmakers.

Short story...


Jewave was created in 2015… The test is quite simply a technical tool, an algorithm, allowing the psychometric analysis of your personality to determine the nature of your personal character and generate your correspondences: In fact we are all unique… We all have different personalities despite dominant natures depending on our environment, our education, and our feelings.

And as you already know… We don't get along with everyone!


That's why, Jewave has set up a whole scientific system to find you the one that suits you.


In addition, we also offer you a whole range of support from a human relations specialist to facilitate exchanges and boost your meeting with your future Mazal. He will be there to determine who you are, to listen to you, understand you and identify your physical and psychological needs.


Our Goal is clear: Tell you Mazal tov!

And who knows… Be present for your wedding!

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The Concept

Just 3 steps away from a your ideal partner


Take the personality Test

Answer with sincerity and objectivity to the test. Your answers will be analyzed and will reveal to us your character traits and therefore the traits of other people who suit you best.


Phone Call with your Counselor

you will receive a call from our professional matchmaker who will discuss with you, get to know you and who will be able to improve your search ( an example? The visual aspect, the appearance, experiences you don’t want etc.).


Choose your ideal package

You will decide together the best subscription to take in relation to the results. Then you will receive profiles on your WhatsApp of those who correspond to you.

*You prefer to speak directly to a matchmaker before taking the test?

Contact us, don't hesitate, we are here for you! You can reach us in the contact section.

Jewave in summary

Still hesitate?


Science & Technology

A unique scientific algorithm (%) for all the Jewish community adapted for all personality types all over the world. Whatever the culture, the education and the nature of each person.


Torah & Jewish

Whatever the level of the religious practice or spirituality, Jewish from all over the world are welcome. Whatever your origins, you are welcome.

As soon as you are ready to commit...


Human nature & Matchmaker

Just as Science & Torah compliment each other, the Matchmaker and all the Jewish Team are at your disposal to really adapt your needs and find your real Mazal for life!


How will it end?

Inviting us to your wedding!

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